The Industrial Museum tells the story of the most important Norwegian invention of all times; the electrical arc oven and the production of mineral fertilizer on an industrial scale.The mineral fertilizer was crucial in changing the difficult food situation world wide, and transformed Norway from one of Europe’s poorest countries into a modern welfare society.

The Art Museum exhibits art from Norwegian artist. Art Collections contain images from the golden age in Telemark, with artists like Christian Skredsvig, Terje Bergstad and Theodor Kittelsen.

The Telemarkgallery displays exhibitions of national and international contemporary art.

  • Listed as a UNESCO World Herritage Site.
  • Revolutionary industrial inventions.
  • The Story of Norsk Hydro and the invention of mineral fertilizer.
  • Art Museum with a variety of Norwegian Artist.
  • Café and Museum shop.
  • Beautifully situated in old listed industrial park.